There’s a lot to like about the current state of affairs for the Packers. Even with all the injuries, Green Bay is on a four game winning streak, sitting at 5-2 atop the NFC North. Chris and Dave are feeling pretty good about things as they revel in the decisive victory over the Vikings, marvel at the Packers balance and ability to compensate for the spate of injuries. Looking ahead, the guys are seeing a schedule that doesn’t look nearly as daunting as it did in August…


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  • Tom

    I remember looking at this schedule back in the preseason. I saw an 11-5 record, but still finishing a the top of the NFC North. Now I am a bit more optimistic and give our boys a 12-4, and a shot at a first round bye. I know, there is a lot of football left to be played; however, with how well we have adjusted to the injuries I can’t help but be reminded of the 2010 Super Bowl run.

    I believe that the Packer will win Monday with a score of 37-31. I will caveat that with this prediction as well: The Packers will be leading 37-10 with four minutes left in the game. Okay, that is probably a bit harsh on our non-prevent (allow two minute TD drives) defense.

    I have some trepidation about our starters returning. I almost can’t believe I am saying this, but I feel that some of our recent success is due to these injuries. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I think that having these injuries forces McCarthy to run a more basic offense which is easier for our rookies to understand. Second, I think that having a bunch of nobodies on the field makes designing a scheme against us very difficult for opposing coordinators. My fear is that with the starters coming back we will start to see the return of the vertical offense, and an easier time assigning blocking against our linebackers.

    Thank you both for the wonderful episode. By the way, in addition to running an aircraft carrier flight deck and hunting terrorists I also make homemade mead. Let me know if you would like to try some and I’ll arrange the shipment.

  • Mike Mackowski

    Status as of halftime Monday.
    - Buffalo cut Matt Flynn yesterday
    - Yes, I have a pool, but Arizona is unlikely to be in the playoffs, much less host a game. Of course that was the assumption before Rodgers went down. And the pool isn’t heated so its going to be rather chilly in January.
    - The defense is getting whipped today. How are the Bears receivers getting so wide open? And a lot of poor tackling. Seems like our defenders are out of position to make good tackles. Or maybe the Bears receivers are just so big…

    Mike Mackowski
    Gilbert, AZ

  • Mike Mackowski

    Well, once you lose your ace QB, you know it was going to be tough, really tough. Especially with someone like Wallace who hasn’t taken a single snap with the first team. And I believe the lack of Rodgers and lack of scoring allows Chicago to play differently, putting our defense under even more pressure.

    Would the Packers defense have played as bad had their offense held the ball longer and maybe had a decent lead? I think that would have been a difference, although maybe a small one. Bears receivers match up well against our DBs and Rodgers wasn’t playing defense, so there is some blame to go around. But losing Rodgers changes the entire complexion of the game on both sides of the ball.

    If Aaron is out for 4-6 weeks, with all the other injuries, that 14-2 season is now looking like 8-8.

    And I really enjoy the podcasts. Intelligent and entertaining. And good quality audio.

    Mike M.

  • http://N/A Cathal McCabe

    Don’t want to speculate on the future of Aaron Rodgers so I wish him a speedy recovery and will try to remain optimistic.

    What a difference a a week makes.
    Look at Boykin, terrible against the ravens takes a week, works with the team and he looks like a started.
    I have faith in the packers training squad and management that in a week we will see a much better performance from Senica Wallace.
    He will never get close to the level of Rodgers but he will drastically improve
    I think we have the man power on the field to beat the Eagles and Giants.
    We will have Mathews back and our already strong defence will have a much better pass rush and them maybe we can move from last place in the league in takeaways.

    I take a few positives from last nights game.
    Our run game is still extremely strong with Lacy getting a new high of 150 (ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!)
    Our discipline was immaculate 0!, sorry let me say that again 0! penalty yards, a drastic improvement on the last few weeks
    Jolly and Raji stepped up and made McCown’s pocket really claustrophobic.

    We are still a play off team, just mabey a different seed.

    Thanks for the shout out last week
    My name is pronounced with a silent “t” so “Ca-hal”
    Don;t worry about it, unless you live in Ireland it’s quite a hard name to get right
    Oh and good spot on the “”, I am from Northern Ireland.

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    Brutal but great show.
    If you can’t get it on US Netflix let me know.

    Keep up the good work,
    Go Pack Go