This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women Who’ve Appeared In Scary Movies.


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Banner Year for AJ – Like pretty much everyone up to this year I’ve been uninspired by AJ Hawk. It’s not that AJ Hawk was ever a bad player, he just didn’t seem to be a great player & most of that likely has to do with where the Packers drafted him & expectations from a high draft pick like that.  Year in & year out Hawk has quietly done his job, usually leading the team in tackles without most people really noticing him. This year though Hawk is definitely making noise. When Clay Matthews broke his thumb we all wondered who would or could step up to fill that void & Hawk has more than surpassed expectations in that area. Just this year Hawk has the same number of sacks as he did all of last year & once again leads the team in tackles. Maybe it’s Capers putting Hawk in better positions to make plays, maybe it’s actually Matthews being out & allowing the spotlight to shine on Hawk or perhaps AJ Hawk is just a really good football player & nobody ever really noticed. No matter the reason, Hawk is having a great year & let’s all hope we see more of it throughout the remainder of the season.

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