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Who Would Blame Him If Not – For the second time this year Jermichael Finley will be sidelined & this time you really have to wonder whether or not it may be for good this time.  Diagnosed with a bruised spinal cord after the hit Finley took this past Sunday, you’d have to think he’s debating whether or not to ever put pads on again.  For right now though, all we can do is hope for a full & solid recovery for Finley. From news yesterday, Finley should be leaving the hospital or has left already which of course is good news.  The official report was he’d miss 4-6 weeks. My guess though is we won’t see Finley on the field any more this season & whether we ever do again is up in the air for now. As fans we’d miss the dynamic play maker Jermichael can be but as people we can & should easily accept, should he decide his playing days are over, that it may very well be the best thing for him based on the punishment he’s taken.

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