Chris and Dave toast the Packers return to first place in the NFC North in the latest installment of Packers Therapy. The fellas marvel at Green Bay’s ability to retool on the fly and put together a stout performance despite the horrific spate of injuries the team has suffered. Later on they discuss the injury to Jermichael Finley and the rule changes that are altering the nature of the game. And in their Big Finish during the pop culture segment, Chris amazes Dave with his knowledge of TV hairstylists.


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  • Tom


    Thank you for another wonderful show. Chris, I have taken issue with your commentary on Tim Masthay’s recent performance. I will concede that during the recent Browns game he was short of stellar. That being said I can think of many instances where he was able to deliver the exact kick which you claimed that he was not capable of providing. During the Ravens game this year, after our defense had made several outstanding stops on the goal line, and after the offense failed to generate even a single yard, Tim was asked to punt from the back of our own end without so much as a single step to build momentum. The kick came off of his foot and sailed 55 yards, and so high that the returner needed to call a fair catch. I believe that the rough outing against Cleveland is not indicative of his abilities. To be honest I believe that Masthay is the best special teams player that we have.

    By the way, did you finally finish watching Dexter? There were many things that I liked about that final season but the ending will leave a bitter taste in my mouth. When the writers had a chance to end an awesome series poetically they instead chose to do a “or is it?” ending. This to me is just sophomoric, and to be honest a bit lazy.

    Thank you to both for the great episode. I look forward to the next installment.

  • Mike Mackowski

    Great game against the Vikings, although there was a big talent mismatch, especially at QB. Some quick comments:
    - Line played well on both sides
    - Awesome to have opposition having to stop both run and pass
    - Held Peterson to under 60 yards
    - Lacy is awesome and nice to have a tandem with Starks
    - No turnovers by either team. Which means we had no take aways.
    - Remember when we dropped Jeremy Ross after muffing some punts, and how we wondered if we’d ever have a decent punt returner? Well we had one all along.
    - My only (mild) concern is that we leave teams hanging around late. Vikings got two scores in 4th quarter and that has happened a few times this year, even in the wins.

    Always enjoy your podcast. I listen to it in my car on my drive to and from work.

    Mike Mackowski
    Gilbert, AZ