Chris and Dave finally sobered up enough to put together their usual rambling 90 minutes of stray observations, this time using the lame device of “emptying the ol’ mailbag.” Fortunately, the listeners bailed the boys out with wry observations about the Packers win over the Ravens.


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  • http://N/A Cathal McCabe

    Just on the International games next year in Wembley.
    They should announce the games in the next few weeks.
    Fingers crossed for a packers game.
    Even though it won’t be a home game the packers will be well represented.
    Was at the Steelers Vikings game this year and there were a lot of packers jerseys, cheeseheads and even a few through back’s.
    Only problem is you can’t Lambeau leap in Wembley :-(.

    On the TV shows, if you like New Girl, you should give Andy Samberg’s new show “Broklyn 99″ a watch, very good, similar comedy.

    GO Pack Go
    Cathal from Ireland

  • Chris

    Thanks for the comments, Cathal. While I am not excited about GB losing a home game, I am going to have my plane fare and game ticket paid, so I am good with the idea. I would be delighted if we would have a chance to meet if that situation comes to pass.

    Thanks for the tip on “Broklyn 99.” To be honest, I’ve never heard of it.

    • http://N/A Cathal McCabe

      I don’t think the packers will give up a home game, but a lesser team will probably think they have a better chance of beating them in London, maybe the vikings next year when they are in the moving process. Would be great to meet up for a few pints.

      Also, if Boykin keeps paying at the same level for the rest of the season, when Jones comes back will he be able to walk back into his position or will he have to fight to get it back?

      Keep with the walking dead, season 3 is pretty amazing.

  • Guy Kilbey

    Hi guys, further to my message on episode 217, I am doing my best to catch up with your podcasts, but doing a lot of travelling at the moment so I’m still in arrears! On my way back to London today I listened to episode 218 (advertised as 18) and would like to add further comment. First and foremost I must say that our good friend Dr Klaus summed up the pink October perfectly. The League should be applauded for breast cancer awareness campaign as it definitely raises awareness as well as funds for the cause . The funds may only be for the US, but it should be noted that awareness is reaching a worldwide audience. I am asked countless times every October, often mockingly by football naysayers, “why are those burly blokes are wearing pink?”. When I explain the campaign, the vast majority of people are shocked and then impressed that such a huge organisation makes such a prominent gesture in support of the women of the world. In my opinion, if just one woman sees a player in pink boots or a ref with a pink whistle and checks herself, leading to an early diagnosis saving her life, then the whole campaign has been worthwhile. Having lost a dear friend to breast cancer I say long may pink October be a feature of the season.

    Also, having now heard that The Doc is paying for your game tickets to Wembley, I reiterate my offer for you both to stay in London as our guests as long as required before you jet off to Norway with Klaus. We can also show you around London and bring you up to date with the changes since the 80s!