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Fond Memories Don’t Matter – When news got out Monday that the Raiders has released Matt Flynn there was an immediate response from Packers fans: Bring him back.  I understand we Packers fans are a sentimental bunch but bringing back Matt Flynn to back-up Aaron Rodgers would be just that, a sentimental move & not a football one.  Like many I recall fondly watching Flynn dismantle the Lions in his start when Rodgers was recovering from a concussion.  It was a magical day, something no one really expected & also earned Flynn a good chunk of money. Since then, Flynn has lost starting changes with two teams & is now unemployed.  Sure, there is a precedence here as the Packers did bring back Doug Pedersen after he left to attempt being a starter but that was a different time & a different team.  So while I both understand & appreciate why people want Matt Flynn back in the Green & Gold, there’s really no reason why it should happen beyond giving Rodgers a worthy photo bombing partner again.

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  • Mente

    Why would we not bring him back? We have no backup, he’d be able to step in day one. Now I believe we would have to pay his contract, which we obv wouldn’t do, but for a cheap rate I think he’d come back