Concerns about the health of Green Bay’s linebackers aside, Chris and Dave celebrate the Packers take-down of the Lions. Our Therapists question the reality of the defense’s showing in light of Detroit’s banged up receiving corps, but find a lot to like in the Packers evening their record at 2-2.


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  • Brad

    Looks like you are at the front of the pack. Lots of people complaining about the ‘Pinkwashing’. I really think we are on the other side of the bell curve for the NFL and in 10 or 15 years we’ll be talking about how big the NFL was at the turn of the century.

  • Tom

    Thank you both for reading my message to you on last week’s episode. You were curious as to the manner in which I listened to all of your shows from last year. While I was deployed my home computer was downloading each podcast as it came available on iTunes. When I returned home I put all of those shows on my iPod and listened to them whenever I could, usually while driving or working around the house. I was only able to see two Packers games on AFN the entire time I was gone. The two I saw probably represent the worst and best games of the year; the infamous failmary in Seattle, and the blow out of Houston. The reason I bring this up is because while I knew the outcome of every game I knew nothing of the details. I really enjoyed listening to your commentary as it really made me feel closer to the games and events that went on around them. Thanks again for including me in your podcast. I and many others really appreciate what you do. Keep up the great work!

  • Rusty Weise

    Hi guys,
    I’m sure one of the throng that listen to your podcast has addressed the backup ILB already, but I’ll throw it out there anyway. The name you couldn’t come up with was rookie ILB Sam Barrington. He’s actually a draft pick, and on the roster. During the build-up to the draft, I actually did come across his name, and was intrigued. When the Packers actually drafted him, I was rather pleased. As a rookie, I wouldn’t expect much of him early, but given a couple years, he could become that elusive “next Desmond Bishop”.
    I also see that Tom already answered your query about his marathon podcast listening technique. My guess was wrong; I was betting he had 2 ipods and listened to 2 podcasts at the same time until he got through them. Well, to each his own.
    Good job, as usual, guys. I’ll be listening again next week.

  • Mike Mackowski

    If I recall, the NFL does not keep stats for “ugly” wins. So I’ll take it.

    Again, nice job by the defense, esp without Matthews. What – 5 sacks? Awesome goal line stand. Have not seen one like that in a long time. Classic. Lattimore made some nice plays. Datone Jones had a big play on the fumble.

    Losing Jones and Cobb really messed up the offense and Baltimore’s pass rush was a constant problem for Rodgers. Hope McCarthy has Donald Driver’s phone number. Again, some of the misses to Boykin were way off the mark.

    Micah Hyde had some nice punt returns.

    Isn’y it nice to have a real running back?

    Did you notice the noise from all the Packer fans at Baltimore?

    Take care,

    Mike M
    Gilbert, AZ

    (PS – tried this via email but it was not happy)

  • Tom from Germany

    Boy, that sure was a nasty battle between the Ravens and Packers, with awful casualties for us. Cobb has been my favorite player since last year, and I think his being gone is going to have a profound effect on the Packers moving the ball down the middle of the field, that is unless Finley can get open and hold on to the ball. Maybe we’ll be seeing a lot of the rooster head from him.
    I am excited to hear your guys’ breakdown of this Ravens game, and I am looking forward to beating the Browns this weekend. It should be a less stressful game for me to watch.
    Keep up the excellent work, so that this Packer transplant can enjoy your podcast on his way to work each day (my trip is only 15 minutes one way).
    Greetings from Bavaria!

    • Tom from Germany

      Hey guys, thanks a lot for responding to my comments in your next show — I was flattered to hear my name mentioned after listening to you guys over the past couple of years. I am by the way a Wisconsinite transplant in Germany. My plan was just to go for my Master’s over here, but love got in the way.

      Anyway, thanks again for your excellent work, and I look forward to your next installment regarding the Vikings game.

      By the way, I would also be on board for the Packers playing in Europe soon. That would be stellar, since I would have an easier time of getting those tickets.



  • Guy Kilbey

    Hi Guys, I have to confess to have fallen behind with my podcasts as I’ve been working long hours again, so I only just heard this episode today. As always it was a great analysis of the game and a joy to listen to. Thanks also for the report from our good friend and PT physician, Dr Klaus, who covered the 3rd APTEC* event in London! Still laughing now! It was a fantastic weekend at Regent Street fan rally on Saturday and Wembley on game day Sunday, so Roger did us proud again. Shame the Vikes had to win, but it was by far the best Wembley game yet. To follow up on your comments about Klaus’ request for the Packers to play a game in London, I have to agree that the Pack should never play a home game anywhere but Lambeau. However, an away game would be a real treat, and as we have 3 games confirmed in London for 2014, Jags, Raiders & Falcons home games, it is not beyond the realms of possibility. So, as Dave has promised to buy Chris a plane ticket to London if it happens, then it is only fair that as European PT representatives we back up Dave’s gesture by offering you both a free place to stay for the weekend of the game, or however long you wish to spend in London. It would be our pleasure and an honour to welcome you into our humble abode, and I mean that sincerely. Mrs Kilbey is already planning the menus to ensure you sample some good English fare, so you’d better start packing guys!

    *APTEC is a registered trademark of the Annual Packers Therapy European Convention.