pm-lions Ah, nothing like a victory to make the doomsayers go away for another week or so. Typical defensive game that we’ve come to expect from a divisional rivalry. Perfect day. Perfect weather, and the Badger Band brought the happy alumna out in me. So let’s put those kitty cats on the slab…

  • Mason Crosby is back, is kicking butt and taking names. Five for five and a single PAT. Scored more points today than anyone else on the team. Not suer if Masthay.
  • James Jones has the worst Lambeau Leap in the history of ever. Seriously, someone get him a springboard or mini trampoline. he was on fire. Still trying to wrap my lobes around the reams of rules involving receivers, catches and the end zone. Broke the plan, blah blah blah, one foot blah blah.
  • Aaron Rodgers looked anxious for three quarters. Reminded me of the Cincinnati game. Didn’t seem comfortable in the pocket and a little indecisive. Fortunately he found his groove and reminded us he can still thread a needle between two defenders. Doesn’t hurt that he has good insurance policies with Jordy Nelson and James Jones.
  • Give Eddie Lacy time. He will score. And often. 99 yards. Looks like we have a running game again.
  • John Kuhn suited up but didn’t play a down. Was absent on special teams as well.
  • McCarthy still working on adding said running game seamlessly into the game plan. But change is hard and all that. Frees up the passing game.
  • But what was up with Rodgers waving Lacy off on 3 and 1, planning on going for the play with no one in the backfield, calling timeout and still unsuccessfully attempting a 3rd and 1 with no one in the backfield. McCarthy obviously signed on to it during the timeout. Weird play calling *shrugs*.
  • Brad Jones had one hell of a game. And then he went out with an hamstring injury.
  • Matthews was having a good game. And then he broke his thumb.
  • Bobby Francois was going to rise to the occasion. And then he tore his achilles.
  • See where I’m going with this.
  • Dear Packers, stop letting every single player in a position get hurt in a single game. Two weeks ago they were down to ZERO healthy running backs. Looks like the theme this week was injured linebackers. Sigh.
  • No, I have no idea if they can club up Matthews and clear him to play next week. There’s more than one type of finger fracture. But hey, Clay “has a thumb.”
  • Walking wounded aside, the defense did a great job containing Reggie Bush.
  • Blah blah blah, Megatron didn’t play. But lats time I checked, Megatron didn’t play defense.
  • The Badger Band Tuba Section collectively asked Aaron Rodgers to  marry them. Spelled it out rather nicely on their tuba cover during the iconic 3rd quarter tuba march. So, there’s that. Nothing like being the highest paid player in the league and getting trolled by the tubas. Hilarious moment of the game.
  • And then there is Jim Schwartz. Jim, you are exactly why the Lions cannot have good things. You are a tantruming punk of a toddler. Pack is in victory formation on third down,there are twenty seconds left and you call time out to force them to punt it away when you are down by over two TDs. Wait this gets better. You get the ball back just to deny Packers a victory formation and your little potato faced QB has to suffer through the humiliation of SURRENDER FORMATION???
  • Dude, seriously, Schwartz is a troll to the Nth degree. This is why the team will never be a champion with  him at the helm. He focuses on the petty BS distractions in stead of the actual process of winning. Oh, Jimmy, don’t ever, ever change.



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  • FearBanger

    “Little potato faced QB…”? Uhhh, you seen what Rodgers looks like?