Ok, Packers fan, you can keep your cactus in the closet for another week. No swinging of them or couch fires tonight. The Packers absolutely destroyed the Lions.

Also, at this time, I’ll need to eat a decroded piece of crap. Or, rather a sack of them.

If you’re a fan of the Out of the Pocket podcast, you’ll know that I have been nominated for such an award. I’ve been down on the Packers most of the season, and I even predicted the Lions would beat the Packers today in the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators .

Was I ever wrong.

I have never been more happy to eat a sack of crap in my life.

Click here to watch a scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

And, while I’m eating this sack of crap, here’s what I liked about the game:

  • The running game looked good yet again. The offensive line is getting better at run blocking.
  • Aaron Rodgers shook off some early rust and jitters and finished with a solid performance.
  • Jordy Nelson has some of the best body control I’ve ever seen.
  • The defense looked much better, which I do give a lot of credit to the return of Morgan Burnett.
  • Nick Perry looked good. He seems to be playing better on the right side than on the left.
  • Mason Crosby. Nuff said.
  • Mike Neal looks great. He’s getting better every week and is finally living up to a 2nd-round draft pick.
  • James Jones. He’s faster than advertised.
  • Eddie Lacy. Keep feeding him the rock. We know he loves to eat.

Here’s what I didn’t like about the game:

  • The officiating was horrible again. We’re talking Lance Easley horrible.
  • Clay Matthews really is a glass Joe. Brett Favre played with a broken throwing thumb. Clay needs to man up.
  • Johnathan looked like a rookie again today.
  • The linebackers dropping like flies to injury.
  • Jim Schwartz. Need I say more? Yes, let’s take a timeout with under a minute left after Rodgers tried to mercifully end the game.

It was a great win today and I enjoyed it very much. I hope it serves as a stepping stone a building block to more wins. I’m still not totally sold on this team yet, and I don’t yet trust them to win the close one. But, I will proudly eat many more sacks of crap in the future if that means the Packers keep winning.