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ThisWhitney Duncan (Survivor: South Pacific)

This morning, I carry a very heavy heart. I must abdicate my throne as the Daybreak Doppler Czar. I would like to think my reign was a great period of peace, tranquility, and advancement. Let’s take a look at the key points of greatness that took place under my reign:

Ok, enough about my desire to be canonized as Jay the Great. Let’s get on with the regularly scheduled Daybreak Doppler.

Brewers can’t pull off 4-game sweep of Mets .

Badgers come up a little short in Columbus .

It’s never too early to predict Badger basketball’s starting five .

Brewers’ coaching staff will remain intact for 2014 .

It’s never too early for a Milwaukee Bucks podcast .

A new look safety tandem for the Packers? This guy thinks it’s possible .

Who will return punts for the Packers? Lombari Ave. speculates .

Rob Demovsky answers the mailbag .

Stay classy , USC.

Also classy are the jorts that the University of Florida is so well-known for.

Breaking Bad fan? Take a look at the actors before they broke bad .

Wardrobes. You’re doing it wrong .

Should refs be ejected for targeting ?

Who said smoking and drinking is bad for you ? Pass the bacon, please. And cheese curds. With ranch dressing.

Badgers come up short in Columbus – Wow, what a tough loss for the Badgers in Columbus. If the Badgers had secured an interception and not given up the hail mary (what is it about Wisconsin teams and hail marys?) at the end of the first half, they might have very well won that game.

Twitter was ablaze last night and things got kind of chippy. What I didn’t understand was all the criticism that the Badger’s defense was receiving. Even though Bucky lost, the defense played very, very well. Before facing the Badgers, the Buckeyes were averaging 52.5 points per game. And that was with their backup quarterback playing for two games. Last night, Bucky held the Buckeye’s offense to 31 points while their starting quarterback returned to the lineup. Facing the spread option is a very daunting task, especially on the road. All in all, I thought the defense played well.

Also of note was the emergence of Rico Stave. The Buckeye’s defensive game plan was obvious: stop the run and dare Rico to throw. And throw the ball Rico did. Very well. Look out, Big 10. I think Rico can chuck the rock.

While the Badgers currently sit 3-2, overall I’m impressed with what Gary Andersen has done in his short time. The team is growing and showing signs of improvement. It’s obvious that the players are buying what Andersen is selling. As evidence of this, they were within one score of tying the game on the road against an excellent #4 ranked team in the nation. And, it sure was nice to have all three timeouts at the end of the game when they mattered most (#karma).

The Badgers are only showing a talent limitation. Their execution looks pretty good and their coaching looks great. In time, when Andersen gets his recruits in place, I think the Badgers routinely contend for Big 10 championships.

I think the future looks bright in Madtown.

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