nfl-crystalball Once again the call has been made to gather the great Pocket Doppler Prognosticators to try to outsmart, outwit and outsnark each other. But let’s face it, it’s not as  simple as calling, “Avengers Assemble!” More like herding cats if you ask me. This year yet another Founding Father weenied out retired. This year’s crack team of suckers experts will include Founding Father Wally, Angels Colleen and Kelly, Favored  King of Procrastination Stepson Rich and the relatively new spanks Thaddeus and Jay.

The Score:
Wally: 8
Colleen: 9
Kelly: 6
Rich: 6
Jay: 8


Chicago at Detroit – Chicago seems to be having the regular fast start which will eventually crumble.  I’m saying it’ll start this week with a loss in Detroit.

New York Jets at Tennessee – Ummm, no feelings either way here but seeing as I like watching the Jets implode they lose to the Titans.

New England at Atlanta – Out of all these games we’re picking this one will be the most watchable.  I went the home team on the first two but not this time as the Patriots get the win on the road.

Miami at New Orleans – Really no question about this one, is there? Saints will steam roll.

Wally’s Picks: Detroit, Tennessee, New England & New Orleans


Chicago at Detroit – Well, this is one of those meteor games, since I hate both teams.  It would be great if Detroit could take Chicago out, but I just don’t see Jay Cutler and his band of idiots going down this week.  Maybe Nadonkeykong Suh will take Cutty down.  That wouldn’t bother me too much.  I don’t normally root for injury, but the Bears do still suck. Chicago wins.

 New York Jets at Tennessee – Ha.  Ha.. Hahahahahahahahaha.  Titans.

New England at Atlanta – Tommy Bieber isn’t having all that great a year.  Maybe either his Uggs or that headband I’m sure Gisele makes him sport at home are on too tight, or both.  The Falcons aren’t doing all that well either, something that does not make me sad.  I’ll give this one to New England, just because if the Patriots lose Belicheat’s head will explode.  Patriots win.
Miami at New Orleans – You can say all you want the Packers don’t miss Joe Philbin, and I’ll be disagreeing with you.  Hell, I miss Joe Philbin.  I’m happy to see the Fins doing well this year and would like to see them make the Super Bowl.  I hate New Orleans and their cheating coach and whinybaby QB.  So, Fins it is.  Go Fins!!!
Colleen’s picks: Chicago, Tennessee, New England, Miami
Chicago at Detroit – Important game for standing within the division, but god almighty, I loathe these teams. I mean really loathe, as in ground swallow them up never to be seen from again teams. But I’d rather face a Lions team next week that just won and thinks they are all that and a bag of chips. The Bears think they are hot as snot, but at the end of the day, they still have Jay Cutler who will degrade into a whiny baby sometime this season. Hoping it is this week.
New York Jets at Tennessee – The Titans are the real deal this year, and the Jets, well they are just one hot mess of a soap opera. It won’t be a blow out, but the Jets will still look very ugly.
New England at Atlanta – Every dog (or filthy dirty bird) has its day, and well, it’s time for Mr. Bundchen to have his butt handed to him on a platter. Oh what I would give for a good temper tantrum on the sideline. Atlanta goes down and Mr. Bundchen will be a petulant little thing. Leadership, yo.
Miami at New Orleans  -  I like Joe, I hate Payton and Brees. That’s good enough for me. The Fins are also ready to rumble and will be hard to bring down. Love watching the entitled tools of the NFL go down at the hands of teams they think are below them.
Kelly’s picks: Detroit, Tennessee, Atlanta, Miami
All home teams! Very sorry about this … Been sick since Wednesday. Miserable.
Rich’s picks: Detroit, Atlanta, Atlanta, New Orleans
Chicago at Detroit – Chicago beats Detroit.  Seeing as the Lions like to handicap themselves by spotting the Bears one are at a time at their WR position, the Bears win handily.  The Bears’ defense is too good for Lions to face when their WRs have both of their arms.

New York Jets at Tennessee – Tennessee beats the NY Jets.  The Titans are for real this year, and the Jets are, well, the Jets.  It will be a low-scoring game dominated by running backs pounding out tough yards.

New England at Atlanta – Atlanta beats New England.  The Falcons started off 1-2 and have a lot to prove.  New England has been slumming so far with weaker opponents, so they’re gonna get smashed in the mouth.  Tom Brady

Miami at New Orleans – New Orleans beats Miami.  I really like what Joe Philbin is doing with the Dolphins and I absolutely hate Sean Payton and the Saints. But, the Saints are at home and their defense is much improved this season.

Jay’s picks: Chicago, Tennessee, New England, New Orleans
Today’s picks will be summed with one word that describes the matchups!

Chicago at Detroit – “Smoldering”: Detroit 23 – 20

New York Jets at Tennessee – “Craptacular”: Tennessee 30 – New York Jets 10

New England at Atlanta – “Intense”: New England 24 – Atlanta 21

Miami at New Orleans – “Intriguing”: New Orleans 38- Miami 17

Thaddeus’ picks: Detroit, Tennessee, New England, New Orleans