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2013-09-25 Janet (Amber Stevens)

Janet (Amber Stevens)

Bullpen let’s Thornburg down, Braves 3, Brewers 2: Hand falters in ninth .

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He sucks… Peyton Manning Fails To Throw 7 TDs For 2nd Week In A Row .

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I don’t know, Seinfeld still wins as far as I’m concerned, Is ‘Dexter’ The New ‘Worst. Series. Finale. Ever.’?

May As Well Start Early – Yes there are some games left but the Brewers season has been unofficially over for a while so why not turn to the future. As of right now I can’t even begin to fathom what the starting rotation may look like, but I feel comfortable looking at the position players. Let’s get the easy/obvious picks out of the way here. Lucroy, Segura, Gomez, Ramirez & Braun will all be manning their respective positions.  Say what you want about Braun there, but he’ll be playing.  That leaves us with 1B, 2B  & RF.  Corey Hart has indicated he’ll play for a discount next year so I think the Brewers will sign him & you can pencil him in at 1B although I’ll give Sean Halton a chance to unseat him in Spring Training. Aoki has a reasonable team option for next year & my guess is the Brewers will pick that up taking care of RF.  That leaves us with 2B where I’m ready for a change. Weeks has been in steady decline & I like what I’ve seen out of Gannett here late in the season. With that being said, I’m thinking Scooter will be manning that position as the starter come Opening Day 2014 to round out the field & Rickie on the team but as a bench player.

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  • Chris

    I think Rickie will be the righthanded part of a platoon with Scooter. The hope is he will be good enough that another team will want him at the deadline for a stretch run.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Braun in RF and Davis in LF next season. Aoki’s value will never be higher than it will be this off-season. I think he moves in trade for a prospect.

    Hart might be the guy at 1B, but they sure do like them some Juan Francisco (as evidenced by their desire to change his stance and send him to play Winter Ball). At this point, I don’t get the infatuation. If they can’t get the deal they want with Hart, I will look for a Halton/Francisco platoon at 1B.