toetag Ugly game. But if you give up 20 unanswered points at the end of the game, it is pretty hard to win a game. All kidding aside, I think we saw a concussed quarterback try to fake his way through a game with a blinding headache and all the mental fog that goes with a concussion. Good thing Rodgers as well as Finley, Starks, Matthews and Franklin now have two weeks to heal up. Maddening in its mistakes. Fell apart at the seams as time elapsed. The one good thing that could come out of it is a little focus. 1-2 is painful start. So let’s get to it and put the walking wounded that is the Green Bay Packers on the slab.

  • Rodgers had a horrible game. Like stinky stank, when did the aliens abduct him and replace him with a crap facsimile?
  • He came unglued early on, briefly found a groove, and then got slammed in the head. Have fun taking the ImPACT test that no one will broadcast.
  • All kidding aside, hope he is okay. Two weeks to nap, rest the brain and jump back in it.
  • Jordy Nelson is about as sure of a thing the Packers have. He is clutch and continues to make uncatchable passes a thing of beauty.
  • Franklin made a truly rookie error coughing the ball up. He showed sparks of promise. But honey, two hands, one ball, make them all become one.
  • Can the Jeremy Ross Experiment officially come to a close. He ha now cost the team 14 points over two games. That is not a statistic they need to expand. His best moment of hte game was letting the ball bounce into the end zone with that final kickoff.
  • MVP is BJ Raji for breaking up the caged match complete with swinging folding chairs between a hacked off Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. Should change his nickname from the Freezer to the Peacemaker.
  • Offensive line needs to be a better job of protecting Rodgers. He spent too much time getting mauled or chased down.
  • Rodgers should never try to play H back and block for the running back. I realize that they were short on blockers,but right person for the right job and all that.
  • Loved the intensity the defense brought at the beginning of the game, but god almighty, Capers, you don’t go on cruise control with only a nine point cushion.
  • Not a fan of McCarthy’s playcalling. Then again, neither was Rodgers. And that was before he got snotbubbled near the goal line.
  • MD Jennings really is progressing.
  • And Mike Daniels is not shabby either.
  • Never thought I would welcome a week four bye, but holy mother of god, the Packers desperately need it.
  • Walking wounded after today: Finley, Starks, Matthews, Franklin and +/- Aaron Rodgers.
  • No, I’m not kidding about the concussion. Highly doubt Finley was the only one who took one to the brain today.
  • Get better, boys. Who lotta season left.

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