Ok, Packers fans, get your cactus ready. It’s time to swing it in a blind rage. What a horrid display by the Packers.

Overall, there was nothing to like about that game. The Bengals won the Diarrhea Bowl. That game was just wretched to watch, and both teams, frankly did nothing to deserve a win. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty angry right now. The Packers could have gone into the bye week on a positive note with a win, but instead they have to go into it with half their team on the meat wagon and second-guessing a horrible game plan.

Overall, today’s game looked like a simian having familial relations with a pigskin.

Here’s more of my rage from today’s hemorrhoid of a game:

  • Hey Rodgers, might wanna discount double check yourself. A lot of that loss is on you, buddy. Seriously. You played pretty bad today. A fourth quarter comeback against a winning team would be nice, don’t you think?
  • McCarthy, great idea going into the game with only two healthy running backs. Seriously, you’re a genius. You don’t think that Cincinnati’s stout front seven might put a beating on your ball carriers? And, how did that work out when you needed a rookie to carry the ball on an essential fourth down play? After the bye, I suggest you play no running backs and also play with only four offensive lineman. Them be good odds. I dare you. Also, try with only nine on defense. I hear you like a challenge.
  • Once again, the officiating was horrid. Apparently, the defensive game plan against the Packers is to injure them and force them from the game. Let’s just spear all of their play makers and concuss them. Also, let’s just dive towards Rodgers’ knee. Seems legit to me. If any of this officiating crew sees a playoff game, it’ll be the last playoff game I ever watch.
  • Ted Thompson, how about addressing the center position? EDS might be a great guy, but he cannot block. He got eaten alive today.
  • This Packers team has no killer instinct. They simply cannot put teams away. They had a lead against both the 49ers and the Bengals. Both ended in losses. The Redskins mounted a comeback.
  • C’mon, Clay. Isn’t it about time you got your hamstrings in order? You can’t use some of the bamillion dollars you just got paid to buy one yoga DVD? Seriously. Your absence from the game was a big part of the Bengals comeback. Your pretty hair is pretty worthless on the sideline. You can’t be an awesome player if you’re always hurt. Get a yoga or Pilates DVD. One damn DVD.

This is all I can stomach for the moment. This game has infuriated me and I don’t want to think about it anymore. You can come to your own conclusions as to just how much it sucked and just how bad the Packers played.

We have to stew for two weeks now. Hopefully, the Packers use it as fuel to improve down the stretch.


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