Dear Greg Jennings,

I supported you as a Packer. I was so glad when you got a Super Bowl ring, not only because I’m a Packers fan but because you, along with Donald Driver and Charles Woodson, were one of those guys that had waited a long time for this reward for all of your hard work and contributions to the franchise’s success.

I didn’t mind when you turned down what Ted Thompson offered you to continue as a Packer. I knew that you felt you were worth more money, and if I learned anything through the mess with #4, football is a business.

I supported you when you got hurt (of course, it reduced your price on the market, which you didn’t seem to understand). I even backed you when your sister was basically being an ass, saying that no one really knows what it’s like to be in a workplace until they are actually there, and maybe you had some justifiable issues. (Plus, sometimes siblings exaggerate ish in support.) I said maybe the Packers and you needed to part ways and I held no grudge.

I didn’t even really care when you signed with the Vikings or when you made a few snarky comments. See the above comments on a) business and b) workplace.



Now, you officially pissed me off. If , indeed you signed a helmet ‘Packers suck’ you totally lost me. What did the Packers do for you?

Oh, they drafted you so you could be a professional football player.

Oh, they made you wealthy.

Oh, you have a Super Bowl ring.

Oh, despite the fact you were hurt most of last year, you were still able to sign a lucrative contract with a shitty team with a shitty quarterback, who has no Lombardi Trophies and damn little likelihood of getting one anytime soon. How’s ‘that guy’ Christian Ponder working out for you so far – ‘Oh and Two’? Matt Cassell sounding like all that and a bag of chips over Aaron Rodgers, since it sounds like he’s going to have to take over?

Fuck you, Greg. (See, Jay, I told you.)

You have crapped on some people who were very loyal to you, who gave you their support, cheered for you, cared about you and your family. As it turns out, you’re just a dick. Always a hard lesson to learn about someone you thought you knew.

You are going to get booed louder than Favre did when you run on to Lambeau Field this year. And you know what? You deserve it.


Not a Greg Jennings Fan. A Packer fan.

Go Pack Go.


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