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Julie Stewart-Binks

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Like any of these will be worn, Jealous girlfriend makes horribly embarrassing t-shirts for boyfriend taking cruise without her .

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At least he followed through, Watch Colin Kaepernick Shave Off His Eyebrow After Losing a Bet To Seattle Seahawks’ Russels Wilson .

Bad Call But… – Now that I’ve had a few days to calm down from the debacle in the desert, let’s be honest here in that the Badgers should’ve never put themselves in the position they found themselves late in the game in the first place.  Most of that has to fall on the shoulders of QB Joel Stave, who will be remembered more for how the game ended, but also because of his general poor showing. The defense & specifically the secondary was pretty shaky at times as well which didn’t help especially against the very talented ASU passing game. I’m also curious why Melvin Gordon, who seemed to be having his way with the ASU Defense for the most part, wasn’t used more instead of having Stave try to pass when he was obviously having a bad night. No matter, we’ll have to live with the bad taste this one has left & move on from it.. We’ll see how the team responds to it all as conference play opens up this Saturday with Purdue coming to Camp Randall for an afternoon game.

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