A giddy Chris and Dave talk about the Packers 38-20 thrashing of Washington. The fellas came away feeling much better about the running game, but still a bit concerned about the offensive line. There is the usual worship of Aaron Rodgers and the stellar receiving corps…before the whole thing degenerates into discussion about ambiguous movie endings and the game show Jeopardy. In other words, typical stuff from Packers Therapy.


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  • Guy Kilbey

    Great new episode guys, it sounds like the Redskins game was better to watch live than on the TV, as we had an absolute ball from start to finish! The atmosphere was awesome and the welcome we received from everyone we met over the weekend was second to none. Once again the small town of Green Bay demonstrated it has the biggest heart and best fans in the league, and the world. Hopefully some day we can meet you guys for a beer in Curly’s too!

  • Steve from Seattle

    What are your thoughts on the clear headhunting being done by Washington’s safety. He knocked Lacey out of the game and tried for a second knockout only to knock himself out. If Lacey had been a quarterback the slightest touch would have drawn a flag. Seems like a double standard to me.


    Endured a lot crap from the Seattle – Green Bay pre-season game. Honestly it’s just a pre-season game.

  • Chris

    It is a double standard, one that wouldn’t exist if the NFL were a running league and not one that is all about the pass. RBs are less important now than ever before, so the league lets them take abuse that QBs would never experience.

    Merriweather pretty much reaped what he sowed. Never happy to see someone get their brain box scrambled, but when you play that way it’s going to come around to get you. And it did.

    • Guy Kilbey

      Have to agree with you Chris, what goes around comes around. However it is interesting that even though we knew at the time it was Merriweather who had taken out Lacy and was now lying on the field like a rag doll, out cold, the whole Lambeau crowd, including Stephen and I, stood up and applauded when he was able to walk off the field without a wheelchair. How forgiving Pack fans are, despite the fact he tried to take out our entire running game single handedly. Proves that none of us want to see anyone get properly hurt, but we enjoy a good hard hit as long as it is fair. I just hope he, and other players who tend to lead with the head, learns an important lesson from his concussion and cleans up his act, as he may not be so lucky next time. Get well soon Eddie, your Packers need you.