toetag Robert Griffin III, bionic knee notwithstanding, is not what he used to be. Well at least today he wasn’t. Shanahan is now 0-2 and the the doom and gloom of last week is a thing of the past. Did I mention Shanahan and his team lost? Yup, putting him on the slab is kind of fun. So on to the autopsy we go…

  • Was I the only one who didn’t know the Oneida Gate Steps were redone. They’re huge.
  • Also, they replaced the seats in the club section. Still comfy, but a little taller (not great if you’re a shortie like me) and the drink holders have a funny angle. Full cup of anything will slosh on to your feet.
  • Oh, the game? 38-20 feels awfully good.
  • So about those 480 yards…Matty Flynn’s record was not broken, but now he has to share it with some dude named Aaron. Speaking of which, who has two thumbs and Rodgers as her QB in one of her fantasy football leagues? *grins*
  • Rodgers proved he is in a league of his own today. No interceptions. Laser accuracy. And did I mention 480 yards. The media is falling all over Peyton Manning’s second coming, but Rodgers is not too shabby either. Sure, he could’ve broken the record, but there is something to be said about Victory Formation in the last two minutes.
  • Can everyone stop referring to Randall Cobb as a future star or next impact player. Seriously, he has arrived.
  • Remember when everyone was critical of James Jones and the problem with his stone hands. Yeah, that was cute and all.
  • That said, you don’t want to be remembered as the guy who dropped the ball for a touchback in the end zone.
  • Meanwhile, who is this rockstar named Neo and what has he done with our washed-up, kept on the roster because Harris is hurt James Starks?
  • Was worried he wasn’t ready for prime time, but truly impressed how Starks stepped up and ran with the challenge. Say it with me: 132 rushing yards. Hello, bona fide running game, it’s nice to meet you.
  • But Starks wasn’t perfect. Missed some blocks.
  • And apparently Kuhn went down with some phantom injury.
  • So that leaves Starks and Johnathan Franklin as the only healthy running backs right now. Sigh.
  • Hoping Eddie Lacy heals up from his concussion.
  • Clay Matthews is not a dirty player. Brandon Meriweather is. He should sit a game or three for the the TWO hits he threw with his head. Dumbass. He only has himself to blame for snotbubbling himself out of the game.
  • The offensive line was cleaner today. Less flags, but four sacks in a game is going to get your QB killed.
  • I may or may not have made the Fin gesture. Finley is good. Really good. The big dog is great at dragging tacklers and extending the play an additional handful of yards.
  • Meanwhile Jordy Nelson is quietly one of the best (and unsung) receivers in the league.
  • The defense did a great job containing RGIII for most of the game. Then again, he is about as mobile as my 71 year old dad these days, so let’s not get excited.
  • Actually, the defense was much better than last week. The secondary didn’t look nearly as flat-footed and confused.
  • House’s sack was a thing of beauty.
  • Saw glimmers of the old Tramon. Like the intensity. Sticky wasn’t too shabby, either.
  • Just about died when Jolly went down briefly.
  • For the record, the crowd applauded loudly when Ross bought a clue, fielded the kick and took a knee in the end zone. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Hopefully the Ross experiment will come to an end soon.
  • Mathay has a powerful kickoff. Like him in this role. He knocks it routinely into the parking lot.
  • Next week is not a cakewalk. The Bengals are the real deal.

And with that I would like to leave you with the weekly photobomb from Rodgers in typical fashion. Quarless either intentionally or unintentionally going for the Derp look. But the star of the ‘bomb is Randall Cobb

cobb photobomb


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  • Stephen

    Nice post mortem. Love the photo bomb. Randall is the guy!!!!!