Good news, everybody, you can keep your cactus in storage this weekend. The Packers won!

I don’t want to poach too much into Kelly’s Post Game Post Mortem, so I’ll only highlight some of my quick-hitting observations. I’ll save the meat and potatoes of the insights for her.

It was by no means a perfect game, but the Packers took away many positive things in their victory over last year’s NFC East champions.

  • Despite playing again with injuries in the defensive secondary, I thought Dom Capers had another good game plan against a potentially high octane offense. The Redskins were skunked in the first half and the defense only gave up garbage points, albeit 20 of them, when they were playing soft to milk the clock. But, when the foot was on the gas, Capers dialed up a lot of pressure and the defense was clearly in attack mode.
  • Even thought the Packers defense gave up a lot of total yards, those yards were in garbage time. Total yards yielded is an outdated and overrated stat anyway. Overall, the defense played pretty well. It is an improvement from last year.
  • The Mike Neal outside linebacker experiment is working. He is very fluid and all over the field. He can bull rush the passer and can easily drop back into pass coverage. He even had an interception today! Neal is a great athlete, but we also have to give a lot of credit to outside linebacker coach, Kevin Greene. He has Neal playing at a very high level.
  • I was also fairly impressed with Nick Perry. While Perry may not be generating the pass rush the Packers drafted him for, he is very stout in the run game. He is also capable of chasing the running back down from behind and tackling him before big yardage gains. Again, give credit to Kevin Greene here; Perry was a defensive end in college.
  • I’m gonna gloat a little bit, but I said during the preseason that Starks was really good, he would make the roster, and Alex Green was on his way out. Good thing since Eddie Lacy got cheap-shot out of the game.
  • I thought Chris Banjo filled in admirably for Morgan Burnett. He didn’t play a perfect game, but it was his first meaningful action in his life. He can take a lot of positives away from this and continue to grow in his development.

I do have some complaints, however.

  • Brandon Meriweather is a dirty player. Dear Brandon, your crown of your helmet is not a legal weapon.
  • The officiating was once again horrid. Both helmet-to-helmet hits were not called. Packers were flagged for some very laughable fouls. Replay bailed out the Redskins twice on clearly blown class. The NFL should downgrade this crew as well, just as they did last week for that monstrosity out in San Francisco.
  • I’m sure things will get better once Morgan Burnett and Casey Hayward come back from injury, but the secondary once again had trouble covering receivers. Pierre Garcon had a trillion yards today.
  • The lack of pass rush is concerning. It might be the case that Dom Capers is telling his rushers to back off a bit to protect against mobile quarterback scrambles, but Dom had access to the film from last week. RGIII is an injured statue. He wasn’t going anywhere today. Capers could have tried to crush him a little. Or, maybe the pass rushers just aren’t very good at getting home.
  • James Jones shows flashes of brilliance, but he also shows his boneheadedness at times. Keep the ball close to your body and go out of bounds. Live to play another down. That fumble at the goal line could have been costly if the game turned out to be a shootout.

But, we won! Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

Be sure to check out Kelly’s Post Game Post Mortem. She’ll have more insights than me because she was at the game!

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