This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Packers Home Game Opponent’s Cheerleaders.



Some late runs not enough, Cardinals 4, Brewers 2: Miller outduels Peralta .

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From Packer Ranter, the sun will indeed come out tomorrow, Annie’s Analysis .

Here’s your #18 Wisconsin football vs. Arizona State: brutally honest preview .

Definitely some spots to clean up here, Despite blowouts, Wisconsin has blemishes to erase before Arizona State .

Brew Hoop says “Tanking” is a problem, so why are the Milwaukee Bucks the bad guys?

Here are 20 Things That Haven’t Changed at All Since the Last Pittsburgh Pirates Winning Season in 1992 .

Wonder if we’ll see this on Saturday too, ASU player trips during entrance, gets run over by teammates .

Civic pride, Rocky Balboa and Philly Phanatic Featured on Chip Kelly’s Flashcards .

Well of course he did, Most Interesting Man in the World loved ‘Sharknado’ .

Spoilerish? Nyah, just guesses, What Can We Tell From The First Two Images Of ‘Breaking Bad’s’ ‘Ozymandias’ Episode?

This was pretty ingenious, That “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank .

Finding the New Face – Over the past weekend at Reviewing The Brew this piece was posted advocating/suggesting that Jonathan Lucroy will soon become the new ‘face of the Brewers’. Hard to argue with that point as Lucroy is a solid, solid player & by all accounts a good guy.  With the shiny glow rubbed off of Ryan Braun due to recent events, Lucroy is a good option to become that recognizable Brewer outside of Wisconsin.  The only other person currently on the team I could see perhaps taking on that ‘face of the franchise’ moniker would be Jean Segura, but that’s only going to happen if the Brewers can get him locked into a longer term deal, something which is no way guaranteed at this point.  Every team has that one player which seems to represent the team as a while, in almost any sport really. Will Lucroy be that person for the Brewers moving forward & for years to come?  I’d say it’s too early to say but at this point Lucroy is as good as any candidate for that role on the team, if for no other reason that there really aren’t any other noteworthy candidates as of right now.

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