This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Packers Away Game Opponent’s Cheerleaders.



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So It Begins – It’s been awhile since that cold, depressing day in January where we last saw the Packers play a meaningful game. Depending on how you look at it, the Packers get to pick up right where they left off & playing the same team again in the 49ers. Part of me is actually pretty happy about that as it’ll be a chance to see what the team has done to fix the glaring issues experienced when they last faced San Francisco. The other part of me is quite fearful because if I have to witness the same dismantling we last saw I’ll just be incredibly depressed and angry. I’m going to go on faith here though and anticipate a much improved defense which will keep Kaepernick contained not to mention knock him on his ass a few times.  That would just be swell.  Have to wait to find out how it transpires but the Packers playing real games?  Yeah, it’s pretty great.

Besides the first Packers game of the season the Badgers have their second game, taking on Tennessee Tech which I expect to be a similar game as the previous one. So enjoy both the college & the pro football this weekend. We’ll see you back here Monday morning with hopefully all of us reveling in a Packers win.

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