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Status Quo For At Least Another Week – Tuning into the Badgers game on Saturday there was a definitely a part of me that was expecting to see at least the beginning of a change in the offensive modus operandi of the Badgers. That part was definitely wrong as what we saw in the dawn of the Gary Andersen tenure was pretty much what we’re used to seeing in an punishing, dominant ground game & passing at minimum just to perhaps keep the other team honest.  Granted, Stave was pretty rough in the first half after that first drive which may have contributed to that but I thought he bounced back nicely once he settled in for the second half of the game.  All that said, the performances of White, Gordon & Clement was impressive racking up 393 yards on the ground.  I think for this upcoming Tennessee Tech game we’ll see much of the same for two reasons. The first & foremost reason is there’s no reason to be showing new things offensively against subpar opponents, just do what Wisconsin does & run all over them. Secondly, by leaning on the running game it gives Stave more time to get comfortable.  So expect the same this weekend, but don’t be surprised to see some new things once the Badgers play a more quality opponent in Arizona State in the game after this one.

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