This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Packers Away Game Opponent’s Cheerleaders.



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Now That The Dust Has Settled – So the Packers have their team now, for better or worse this will largely be the group we have for the 2013 season.   Sure, there may be some injury related moves along the way, but I don’t expect any big in-season trades or anything out of Thompson.  Here are 5 quick thoughts I have on the team as they prepare for the opener against the 49ers come Sunday

  1. Johnny Jolly : Yes, it’s the feel good story of the season so far, but Jolly earned the spot he was given & I’m happy for him.  I feel better about the D-Line having them there so happy he made it, for himself & the Packers
  2. Brandon Bostick : Perhaps a long shot coming into camp, but really think he was kept to protect him from getting snatched off the practice squad more than anything.  Bostick will be Finley’s replacement next year once Jermichael prices himself too high for the Packers to want to keep him.
  3. Seneca Wallace : OK, I touched on this yesterday & like pretty much everyone I was shocked by this move.  However, let’s be honest here if Rodgers goes down it won’t matter who’s backing him up as the season will be over.
  4. Kuuuuhhhnnn : I was wrong, everyone else was right.  I really didn’t think Kuhn would be kept around another year with Eddie Lacy being on the roster but I obviously undervalued his contributions.  Happy he made the team, even if I am a bit surprised by it.
  5. O-Line : The O-Line worries me a bit but when you have to start a rookie due to an injury that’ll happen.  Bakhtiari’s performed well so far, let’s see if that continues into the season as he faces stiffer completion.  The group in general has to do a better job of protecting Rodgers though this year, simply must & I’m hoping there up to the task.

Let the real games begin!

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