Like just about everybody else, Chris and Dave are beyond ready for the real games to start. The fellas put a not-too-tidy bow on a dismal GB v. KC yawner that capped a mystifying preseason for the Packers. If nothing else, this one is worth the listen just to hear Dave get loose by glossing Chris Banjo “Plucky.” More insight and awkward humor is included at no extra charge.


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  • Rusty Weise

    Chris, Chris, Chris…
    I thought you’d be called out for doubting Eddie Lacy, and you were. Still, you maintain your skepticism. You leave me no choice but to introduce you to the deep analysis of Jersey Al. After the Rams game, he gave the OL a close look, complete with video. Here’s the link;

    You’ll notice the lavish compliments he gives Lacy, given the awful performance of the OL. I do believe that the descriptions of Lacy’s runs come under the category of “making something out of nothing.” Okay, so a few runs vs. the Rams might not be the declaration of greatness. But given those circumstances, I don’t think you can deny his ability to earn yards without good blocking. Please, see the light, Chris. Run to the light.

    Now, we won’t hear from you until after the 49′rs game, and Lacy will have either impressed…or not. Let’s see how it works against a top-notch defense, then… well, you and Dave, (aka the voice of reason,) take it where you will. Hopefully, Eddie Lacy’s biggest effect is opening up Aaron Rodgers’ game, which is where the Packers make hay. Which means Lacy’s running prowess was never the goal anyway, except that it still needs to be there. Or something. Anyway, Chris, stop shaking your head and join me and Jersey Al on Eddie Lacy’s bandwagon. For now, the view’s nice.

  • Chris

    I appreciate the thoughts, Rusty. Glad you enjoy the podcast enough to make it through all that dreck and take the time to comment here — thanks!

    Lacy’s greatest value may be as a decoy that opens the passing game for Rodgers. But if they can’t get some yards on the ground, then that decoy goes away and teams will play seven in the box because that is good enough to keep Lacy in check behind that OL. Yes, the OL — that is the key. Lacy is going to get what’s there, and I doubt there will be much against most teams.

    Of course, this perception is based largely on a meaningless set of preseason games. Perhaps things will be different once the lights come on for real. But at this point I don’t see Lacy making much of a difference on his own. He will need some holes blown open by a unit that is largely built to block for the pass. I am not optimistic, but I have been pleasantly surprised in the past when things came together in the regular season far better than they did in the exhibition slate.

    Thanks again for chiming in here and choosing to spend a little of your free time listening to us babble.