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Taryn – Tampa, Florida

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Bad for Harris, Good For Lacy – I was just as surprised as everyone else yesterday to hear that DuJuan Harris would be placed on IR & miss the 2013 season.  Harris was a welcome spark at the end of last year in a position of need & I know many had expected & looked forward to seeing that continue.  I had my doubts whether or not that would happen with rookie Eddie Lacy in the picture but I was looking forward to having a season with those two very hard runners in the back field.  Alas, it’s not going to work out that way & Lacy more likely than not will be the uncontested featured running back this year. An injury that loses a season for a player is never good news, but I imagine this will open a roster spot for either Alex Green or James Stark now as well, both of who I expected to be cut next weekend.  Hopefully Harris will make a full recovery and we’ll get to see him next year, but for now we’ll be placing our hopes on rookie Eddie Lacy & see if the flashes we’ve witnessed in pre-season will happen often once the real games start.

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