Chris and Dave were disappointed not to see more Aaron Rodgers against the Seattle in the third preseason game, but not surprised that the Packers decided to part ways with Graham Harrell given his more recent lackluster showing. The guys review the roster and make some early projections about who will make the final roster and who won’t.


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  • BartManDude

    Hello Chris and Dave!

    I found your podcast back in 2010 and I have eagerly waited for each and every podcast since. Thank you both for your time and for your insights, it is very appreciated.

    Chris – I have to disagree with you about Eddie Lacy, Seattle was playing Harrell with 8 men in the box and sometimes 9. They had no respect for the passing game and focused on stopping the run. Rodgers would tear apart a defense playing like that and there is no way that any team is going to play us that way during the regular season. Hence Lacy is going to look a lot more like the guy we watched against the Rams as opposed to the guy we watched struggle against Seattle IMHO. I would have liked to see Lacy run while Rodgers was in there. Harris got 2 carries while Rodgers was in the game and got 3 yards on one and 4 yards on the other, I think Lacy would have ran for more.

    Thanks again for both of your efforts,

  • BartManDude

    Kickalicious is the kicker your were talking about. Havard Rugland is Norwegian and is currently on the Lion’s roster.
    check him out on youtube, impressive video.