This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Selections from the Maxim 2014 Hometown Hotties Semi-Finals .


Melissa – Stockton, California

A series win in Cincy, Brewers 3, Reds 1: Bravo Marco .

Reviewing the Brew asks What should the Brewers do with Yovani Gallardo?

Ron Roenicke Stole My Baseball has Some Unanswered Questions from Ryan Braun .

Lombardi Ave on the Packers Versus 49ers – Who Had The Best Offseason and Preseason?

Some roster moves yesterday, Packers Cut Pease, Peña and Add Kicker Ramirez .

Recapping the recruits, Baby Badgers: 2014 Recruiting Board sees movement in August .

Anonymous Eagle in homage, Dean “The Dream” Meminger: 1948-2013 .

Sums it up nicely, Top Five Nonsense Preseason Game Conversation Points .

Perhaps the oddest thing ever & the season hasn’t even started, The Saga Continues: Rex Ryan’s Has Weird, Contentious Press Conference, Even After Winning A Game .

Pretty good gallery here, 15 More Captivating Images Throughout History .

Now this I can get behind, Bryan Cranston Reportedly Cast as Lex Luther, Making Up for Ben Affleck News .

Need more Time Lords, The Last Words of the Doctor during All 10 of His Deaths .

Poor Charlotte, This Baby Goat Can’t Stop Hating On Her Own Reflection .

Young Wins – Out of the cuts from yesterday the one that makes the most impact is of course that of Graham Harrell.  I had my doubts when the Packers brought in Vince Young but it was pretty obvious in the first two games that the back-up QB spot was a potential hole so Ted being Ted did what he does best & filled the hole.  Young is still learning the playbook and what not but proved he deserved the job on Friday. While McCarthy is still saying the backup QB spot hasn’t been decided, I think it’s pretty obvious in the end Young will be getting that job. Now, if we can just figure out who the kicker will be this year we’ll have one more question answered.

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