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Courtney Galiano (Season 4)

This finally happened last night, Ryan Braun releases statement .

The Brewers Bar has their Reactions to Reading Ryan Braun’s Apology in Real Time .

To get you ready for tonight, Packers VS. Seahawks Preview: 5 Things to Watch For .

First time in awhile I can agree with this, Save my Seat on the Jermichael Finley Bandwagon .

Current options are not inspiring, Point of Veau: Packers May Have to Return to “Square 1? at Backup QB .

Jack of all trades but master of none? Neal Has No Real Position .

I actually like these, The Camp: Badgers to sport red helmet this season .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter on how the Wisconsin wide receivers looking to become deeper, more versatile .

These are pretty bad, Here Are The 5 Worst Rejected Sports Nicknames Ever. They’re Beyond Awful .

Not too surprising I suppose, Wilt Chamberlain was much, much taller than his 4th grade classmates .

Nice little trip for them, The Whole Cast Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Has Been Offered Free Trips To Belize (The Good Kind) .

Of course it was, Sir Patrick Stewart Visited Twitter and It Was Awesome .

This is pretty cool, Animated GIF Of Earth’s Changing Seasons In One Second .

He’s in my Top 5 celebrities I want to drink with, Drunk Peter Dinklage is Terrific Peter Dinklage .

The Proverbial Tune-Up – The third preseason game is usually considered to be the one where we’ll see the most out of the presumed starters so usually is the most looked forward to game out of the four.  To add into that we have the Seahawks for that game which besides being a solid football team there’s still the lingering ‘Fail Mary’ sting.  This game should be a good test on both sides of the ball. For the defense it’s the first look at a truly mobile QB in Russell Wilson, the type of signal caller that gave them so much trouble last year.  On offense, the Offensive Line will be tested by an attacking defense so I’m particularly interested to see how Bakhtiari responds as well as presumed starting RT Don Barclay.  I’ll also, again, be eager to see how Lacy does & if he continue to build on the solid performance against the Rams vs. a stouter defense. The same goes for DuJuan Harris who should see his first action of the preseason. A win or a loss really won’t mean all that much or a portent of things to come, however how the result comes about may very well.

Besides the preseason football action, the Brewers will open up a weekend series against the Reds in Cincinnati in a ball park they always seem to have trouble winning in.  If the Brewers can even take one I’ll call the trip a success.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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