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Witney Carson (Season 9)

Solid last night, Brewers 6, Cardinals 3: Halton’s Big Night .

Lombardi Ave with their Green Bay Packers Preseason Player Stock Watch: Offense .

Hope Jolly makes it, great story & solid play so far, Packers’ Johnny Jolly and His Return to Football: A Road to Redemption .

Yeah, not as solid as last year,  Point of Veau: Aside from Finley, Packers Tight Ends are a Mess .

Neither are we, Badger fans, AD not crying over Bielema leaving .

Here are 5 Things to Watch as Badgers hoops head to Canada .

One Buck will be around for awhile, Larry Sanders Signs His Contract Extension .

Something to look forward to I guess, Larry Sanders, John Henson, Giannis Antetokounmpo and O.J. Mayo make SB Nation Top 100 of 2017 .

Barry’s moving on up, Wisconsin’s Alvarez heading to College Football Playoff committee?

For those of you yet to draft, The Fantasy Football Do Not Draft List: NFC Edition .

Happens to the best of us, LeBron James accepts cruel fate of early onset baldness, shaves his head .

Geeky? Yes. Still cool? Yes also: The Order Of X: X-Men Reimagined In Medieval Times .

Awful nice of them, Driver learning stick shift has a warning for everyone else on the road .

Here’s The Cast of Family Guy As Game of Thrones Characters .

Let’s See How I’m Doing – Back on the first day of Training Camp I threw out some predictions.  Now that we’re pretty much at the half way here with two preseason games under our belt let’s see how I’m faring on those picks:

  1. Casey Hayward beats out Sam Shields for the starting spot opposite Tramon Williams – Hmmm, think it’s still possible by Hayward has to get on the field which as of right now we haven’t seen.
  2. John Kuhn does not make the team, much to the chagrin of the Clubhouse Live crew – I’m standing by this one, especially after seeing what Eddie Lacy did in the last game. At this point I would give it a 50/50 shot of being right
  3. BJ Coleman wins the backup QB job over Graham Harrell – Yeah, waaaay off on this one
  4. Johnny Jolly makes the 53-man roster – I like my chances on this one & it would be the ‘feel good’ season of the preseason.
  5. So does rookie WR Charles Johnson – Yeah, this one is looking as good as my Coleman prediction

So at the half point I’m still feeling good about two of these, on the fence on one & totally forgetting I ever opened my mouth on the last two.  Two more games to go & roster the first roster cuts coming up next week so we’ll see how the rest of it pans out.

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