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Chelsie Hightower (Season 4)

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Tywin doing a little fishing, Deleted Scene From Game Of Thrones, Season Three .

Gonna Need A Lot of PR – This past weekend was not a kind one for Ryan Braun. First there was the story on Friday about a former confidant suing Braun for defamation. Then on Sunday the reports about how Braun called other players to get them to lobby in support of him plus the accusations that the sample collector as an anti-Semite & a Cubs fan. Supposedly at some point this week Braun will be making a public apology but I really wonder how well received that will end up being. There’s a ton of bad sentiment towards Braun right now from the initial lie & acceptance of the suspension. In general, we’re a forgiving society & especially so when it comes to sports figures. This latest information coming out though really paints Braun in an even worse light, a light he will definitely have more difficulty coming out from.

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