Never satisified with a win, Chris and Dave deconstruct the Packers preseason victory over the Rams in St. Louis.  There was plenty to like, but the boys are concerned about the injuries, lack of a back-up QB, and the dearth of play-makers on defense. The guys also answer some eMail, a few Tweets, and — like always — let’s us know what they’re watching and listening to.


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  • Jack

    Hey guys!

    So great to have you back! Thank you as always for putting in the time, makes my gym sessions a lot more enjoyable. I agree with your thoughts on Rodgers, i am glad he is our QB but he doesn’t seem like someone i would want to have a beer with.

    Haven’t given this pod a listen yet but am looking forward to it.

    Thanks again,

    Jack from Australia.

  • Jeff Wunrow

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve been listening to you from the very beginning when I lived in Southern California. A few years ago I relocated to Minneapolis and am a die hard Packer fan living amongst the the Vikings fans which the sports radio here describes as “Rube Nation”.

    In all the time I’ve listened to the podcast, I’ve never needed therapy more that I do after the loss to the “The Dirty Rotten Bears” last night on MNF. Losing Aaron was a knife to the heart. It exposed all the shortcomings of the team instantly. I have to say though that I don’t believe the offense lost us the game. Lacy and Starks made the came very exciting. It was the defense that had been playing so well the last four games that reverted to the quality of play that we say against the 49ers in the season opener.

    If Aaron is out for multiple weeks like it seems he will be, I think there is enough for McCarthy to work with in Senecca Wallace to run a somewhat paired down but still effective passing game to go along with the emerging rushing attack. However, if the defense can’t get back to their recent form, it’s going to be a long painful stretch.

    I’ll be at Lambeau on Sunday for my annual pilgrimage to a the temple of football. i’m hoping we can correct enough of the problems we saw last night and get back on track with a win.

    Keep up the great work on the podcast, football season is better with you guys in it.

    Go Pack Go!

    Jeff Wunrow