Apparently by trying to give some perspective on the fallout between Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers (if in fact one exists, I for one having my doubts that either one of them are being personal about each other on this issue) Donald Driver has now made the error of suggesting that Aaron Rodgers isn’t perfect.

Cue up the firestorm of criticism.

Guess what, kids? Aaron Rodgers isn’t perfect. None of us are. I can’t think of anyone in the world besides a politician who might be more inclined not to let success/power get the better of him and his ego than a NFL quarterback, especially one of Rodgers’ caliber. We’ve seen it before. Up close and personal, too.
Donald Driver has become one of the most loved Packers of our time. Of any time, really. Quickie with his smile, his flash, his brilliance and his class ended his career as a Packer, though, truly, he could have moved on to another team, and I for one would have not blamed him. (As, indeed, I do not blame Greg Jennings, though I wish he’d quit running his mouth.)

Donald successfully straddled the Favre/Rodgers transition controversy, usually by saying he loved both quarterbacks – that Brett was his friend, but he thought a lot of Aaron, who was his quarterback and he knew the Packers would be just fine. It was this kind of evenly voiced opinion that endeared me to Driver, who I had always liked.

Jennings seemed to be a bit of a hurt 12 year old in his comments, sure, therefore my above stated wish he’d just shush. Whatever his true relationship with Rodgers or the Packers, it isn’t becoming to go into gory detail about what went wrong at the end, save for conversation with very close friends who have a full understanding of the situation.

Driver, on the other hand, just seemed to be saying that he understands Jennings’ end of things, suggesting that QB1 might be having a bit of a struggle with his ego, yet is still a good guy….and yet, somehow, DD is getting skewered. He may have made his point more awkwardly than he did during the summer of Favre, but he was trying to say the same thing. Neither party is probably without blame or without room for improvement.

Have we not yet learned that no one is perfect? Even the starting QB for the Packers? We used to think another guy was perfect and he proved in so many ways to be far from it.

Do you remember?