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The Brewers avoided getting swept yesterday, Brewers 8, Nationals 5: Big inning secures victory .

I hope the Best Case comes true for Jones, Best & Worst Case Scenarios: 2013 Packers Defensive Linemen .

Well this isn’t good at all, Report: Packers’ Left Tackle Bulaga Tears ACL .

May have to look at this now, Give Bakhtiari A Shot At Left Tackle .

This seems to be a growing trend, It’s Time For The Packers To Part Ways With Mason Crosby .

BQ5 sums up 2013 Wisconsin media day: Notebook of news and notes .

Madtown Badgers examines one of the more interesting positional battles, Camping with the Badgers 2013: Quarterbacks .

Some MUBB hoops news here, Steve Taylor hopes to be back to practice by Aug. 25 .

Should’ve thought this out more I think, High School Football Coach Suspended For Making Offensive Acronym .

This seldom happens, 5 Movies That Improved the Book (According to the Author) .

This looks like it would be fun to play, Mini-Golf Course Inspired By Typography Spells Out Letters of the Alphabet .

Anyone feel this way yesterday morning? 21 Ways You Know You’re The Most Hungover Person In The World Right Now .

Love both these guys, To Everyone’s Delight, Stephen Colbert Sat Down with Bryan Cranston .

Some Good, Some Bad, Some Really Really Bad – Packers Family Night is behind us now and while it’s really just a glorified practice, there are some things you can glean from it.  Eddie Lacy to me seems to be the real deal & I’m really looking forward to this coming Friday night’s first preseason game to see what happens.  In the race for the back-up QB spot, I was surprised to see Harrell outshine Coleman.  There’s a lot of time left obviously but as of right now it would see Harrell’s got the edge although it would seem Vince Young is now in town for a try out.  And of course…Mason Crosby…geez, not looking good for the incumbent here.  It’s Crosby’s job to lose and he sure seems to be handing it right off to Giorgio Tavecchio.  All that being said, perhaps the worst news from Family Night which came trickling in late last night is that Bryan Bulaga may be out for the season with a possible ACL tear. We’ll have to wait for confirmation on that  after a shuffle on the O-Line which seemed to be working well, it would appear they’ll be more shuffling to come.

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