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A Few Things Stand Out – We’ve got the first full week of Packers Training Camp under our belt so I thought I’d look back & see what has stood out to me, both good and bad. Obviously, there’s still a ton of camp left so a lot can and will happen between now & that first regular season game so take any of the below with a grain of salt…except for the last one.

  1. Micah Hyde – The rookie is making the most out of his opportunities with Williams & others sidelined for any number of reasons.  I don’t know where Hyde will end up in the pecking order of the Cornerback rotation as that position is so strong, but he’s definitely making a case for at least a Dime spot early on
  2. Where’s Perry – Is it just me or has Nick Perry dropped off the map?  Obviously Perry is at camp & practicing but you hardly ever hear anything about him from the beat reporters or others observing.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.
  3. Datone Living Up To Expectations – So far so good for the Packers’ first round pick.  I’m looking forward to next Friday to see what he can do against non-Packers in the first pre-season game
  4. Clubhouse May Be Lonely – Eddie Lacy’s reps in the Red Zone this past week let him shine. Lacy’s ability to pound out yards in short yardage situations do not bode well for John Kuhn.
  5.  God Damn It’s Great To Have Football Back – I love baseball, even when the Brewers are playing as crappy as they are right now, but the Packers will always be my favorite & even though it’s just camp it’s simply awesome to have them back on the field, even a practice one.

For those headed to Family Night tomorrow, it would appear you’ll be staying dry & I hope you all have a terrific time there.  Sure, it’s a glorified practice but for a lot of people it may be their only time in Lambeau this season so enjoy the hell out of it.  Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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