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A-Rod should really just retire, If A-Rod Appeals His Upcoming Suspension, Bud Selig Will Ban Him To ‘Preserve The Integrity Of The Game’ .

I’d have Tyrion a little higher I think, Game Of Thrones Power Rankings .

That would be a lot of chicken, 7-Foot KFC Bucket Prompts Questions, Photographs .

This would be cool to have around the house, I Need That In The Foyer: A Chainsaw Carved Dinosaur .

It’s worth the time, Dude Impressively Impersonates Multiple Characters While Singing Bohemian Rhapsody .

Don’t Think Much – A lot has been made out of how the Brewers should be big sellers come today.  To that end, we’ve only seen one move so far with the trading of K-Rod & the clock is ticking now that we’re here in the last day of July.  The Brewers are in a precarious situation I think on two angles, PR & return on trades.  On the PR stand point, with the Braun suspension Attanansio & Melvin may be hesitant to deal some bigger names (Lohse, Ramirez, Aoki) because it’ll definitely worsen the product on the field for the remainder of the year.  We’re all resigned to this season being a loss, but we still don’t mind seeing some wins here and there. On the other hand, even some of the Brewers ‘bigger’ names may not really provide all that much in return in the way of quality prospects.  They really are in a stuck between a rock & a hard space situation I believe.  To that effect, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see no further action on the trade front as the deadline looms & eventually expires.

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