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Glad he’s making a decision finally, Greg Oden Reportedly to Decide Between Heat, Spurs, Pelicans, Euthanasia .

This is beautiful, Genius! Dodger Stadium serving beers topped with frozen beer foam .

Yeah, I’d done more than a few of these before 30, 30 Drunk Things Every Guy Will Do Before He’s 30 .

This should be fun to watch, Mythbusters Puts Breaking Bad To The Test In An Upcoming Episode .

Why, just why… What the Hell? New Rocky Movie to Feature Apollo’s Grandson?

Ummm…. CNN anchor accidentally reports on the grave environmental threat to “the dildo.”

Strong Group – The question of how will this year’s rookies impact the Packers is always a tough question. Some you know won’t have much impact, if any. Others, first & second round picks & even third rounders you expect something. This year I believe there are much higher expectations for the 2013 Packers’ rookies. Almost everyone is looking to Datone Jones to be the savior of the defensive line. Pretty much everyone is hoping the Packers did get a steal in both Eddie Lacy & Jonathan Franklin, respective to wear they were picked, and they can rejuvenate a dormant running game. Even less heralded picks like Bakhtiari, Tretter & Hyde seem to be looked upon on with anticipation this year although perhaps tempered to looking to the future. All of these guys are unproven commodities as of yet but we’ll find out more about them soon enough as Training Camp kicks off tomorrow. If these guys can even come close to meeting the expectations placed upon them, especially the first three I mentioned, I think we could be looking at some great things happening this season.

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