I wrote this earlier this morning over at my old spot.  Reposting it here for my first column.  Enjoy. -Kyle

I tweeted that yesterday.  I had been making a few jokes and sarcastically retweeting national writers, and just generally retweeting everyone else when I decided to actually say something.  I believe that the above comment sums up everything about PEDs that could actually be said.  Namely: who give’s a flying fuck?

For those of you that managed to click on this link and not have any idea what happened these last 24 hours, Ryan Braun, due to a “violation of the Basic Agreement and its Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program,” has been suspended without pay the remainder of the 2013 MLB regular season and post-season.  Braun has decided to not challenge to decision, in what appears to be part of the alleged plea agreement made between him and the commissioner’s office.

I’m sure by now, there’s been more column inches written on Ryan Braun than there has been on Yovani Gallardo’s DUI and Francisco Rodriguez’s assault history.  Nothing gets fans, writers, etc. more upset than performance-enhancing drugs.  For Christ’s sake, people got more upset over this than they did when AARON HERNANDEZ FUCKING MURDERED TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.  LIKE SERIOUSLY PEOPLE WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

There are very few memories that I can exactly recall what happened, when it happened, and how I reacted.  My most vivid baseball memory is when Barry Bonds his #756.  I was up later than I normally was, being only 13 or 14 at the time, and I happened to be watching SportsCenter when they cut to his at-bat.  Bonds then proceeded to crush that baseball into center field, throw his hands up in the air, and then take one of the most rewarding trips around the bases that ever happened.

Last night, I tried to get Buster Olney to ban me.  I mocked Jeff Passan, watched Justin Hull berate Braun, ignored plenty other national writers just so happy about this, all while trying to keep a straight face and not blow up.  I got close, and there were some comments I made that probably shouldn’t have been made.  But going back to Hernandez, this tweet below was one of those comments that I could tell was shared by more than me.  It even spawned a few retweets with comments, too.  As well as a lengthy conversation that I took no part of, but instead listened to @NPetrashek, @WhatsaTarallel and @2ndHS talk.

This is my tenth season being a baseball fan.  Over time, I’ve learned to love the sport but distance myself from the day to day machinations of the team, because otherwise I would have massive mood swings, which would probably lead to a few ulcers and panic attacks.  For anyone that’s ever seen me after the Badgers football team lost, that’s the one team that I just shut down.  I couldn’t bring myself to be like that with the Brewers.  You need to be able to smooth out the highs and lows as a baseball fan.  I also forget where I’m going with this point, and I’m just going to ramble until I figure it out.

Oh.  The point I was going to make was that it’s baseball.  We have to move on.  We can’t dwell on these low moments.  People make mistakes.  Sometimes they regret their mistakes, sometimes they don’t.  It’s not the end of the world.

“I realize now that I have made some mistakes.”


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