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Jaquie Ohh

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Those Texan Burgers look pretty good, 12 crazy foreign McDonald’s items that should absolutely be sold in America .

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Coverage on this is getting to be over the top, 25 Things Way More Exciting Than The Royal Baby .

A Consummate Con – I was on the way home when I got a text saying Braun had been suspended for the remainder of the season.  I had my son’s soccer game to head to so I didn’t have time to really read up on it all.  Once that was over, I did and to read what I did was disappointing to say the least.  Braun had been convincingly adamant about never taking PEDs, so much so I allowed the benefit of the doubt.  Well, it would seem like most out there I was taken for the same ride as the rest as Braun pretty much fessed up to just the opposite.  Awhile back in this space I lambasted MLB for what I thought looked very much like a witch hunt in how they handled the Biogenesis investigation.  It now appears as though that witch hunt was warranted. I doubt we’ll see much of Braun publicly for a while now & the jury will be out as to how he’ll be received once he does return but to say that reception may be cool is most likely an understatement.

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  • Harland O. Dog

    When Braun won his appeal over his initial failed test, I gave him the benefit of the doubt figuring that if the process had worked the way it was supposed to, we’d have never known about it.

    But when the Biogenesis stuff came out and his contact with them was characterized benignly as “consultation”, I was skeptical to say the least. The only thing that surprises me now is that Braun caved so easily after so long being adamant in his denials. I think he probably surmised that this was his most convenient form of response.

    As for his reception upon his return, I expect that fans will act as fans typically do. If he performs to expectations, most Brewers’ fans will cynically accept his contributions to the team, while those outside of Milwaukee and Wisconsin will view him primarily as a cheater, especially if he returns in a ‘diminished’ capacity.

    • Stephen

      I agree totally. I am evidence, he’s a cheat to me.