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Mollie King

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That Seemed Longer Than It Should’ve – The All-Star Break to me always seems to last longer than just four days.  You get so used to seeing the Brewers play pretty much every day that you get accustomed to it. That’s one of the things I really like about baseball is that during the season is there’s pretty much a game every night. Even with seasons like this one, I’ll still tune in either with the radio or watch on TV as many games Brewers games as I can for the simple fact that win or lose, I’m still a fan of the team.  As an added bonus this time coming out of the All-Star Break, the Brewers are hosting the Marlins so we may get to see some wins out of the gate…or at least I sure do hope so.  I mean, it’s the Marlins, right?

That’ll wrap it up for another week here & before I go want to leave you with one happy thought.  That thought is we are only one week away from Packers Training Camp starting!  If that doesn’t get you through the weekend along with some Brewers’ baseball, not sure what will.  See you back here Monday morning.

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