With the way that the 2013 season has gone for the Milwaukee Brewers so far, you wouldn’t think that there would be very many positives that could be accomplished by the end of the year. However, there are, in fact, a good number of impressive individual records that could be set this season, and they are worth noting (if for no other reason than to keep us sane while suffering through the second half of this season).


Carlos Gomez Could Record His First 30/30 season

Gomez currently has 21 stolen bases and 14 homeruns this season, so you would think he is almost guaranteed a 20/20 season. Last year he came oh-so-close to reaching the 20/20 mark, but he came up one homerun short and finished the year with 19 homers and 37 stolen bases. Coupling his speed with the fact that he is playing every day this year (as opposed to being in a platoon like he was for a portion of the 2012 season), I think he has a very good shot at a 30/30 season. He will probably have no problem reaching 30 stolen bases (or even 40, for that matter), but his homerun numbers could dwindle in the second half. Still, I don’t see any way (aside from an injury) that he will finish the season with anything less than a 20/20 honor to his name.


Segura has an Outside Shot at 60 Stolen Bases

Jean currently has 27 stolen bases on the season, so he will more than likely be able to reach the 50 stolen base mark. However, with his speed and the fact that the Brewers are a pretty free-running ball club, Segura has a chance to steal 60 bags this season. He also has 11 homeruns, so, like Gomez, he also has a decent shot at a 20/20 season. Last season, Segura didn’t hit any homeruns and stole 7 bases in 44 games, so his sudden burst onto the scene this season has been a very pleasant surprise. Having two different players on your ball club reaching at least 30 stolen bases would be an impressive accomplishment, and having two players with 20/20 seasons would be equally if not more impressive.


Ryan Braun Could Finish with at least a .300 batting average for his 5 th Season in a Row

It’s rare for a team to have a starting position player finish back to back seasons with a batting average above .300, let alone five seasons in a row. This would also be his sixth season out of seven finishing with a batting average in the .300s. In 2007-2012, he finished the season batting .324, .285, .320, .304, .332, .319, respectively. Of course, this is assuming he’s back and healthy and able to finish out the season, but I think he’ll be back to being the old Ryan Braun that we all know and love sooner rather than later.


Lucroy Could set the Franchise Record for Triples by Catcher

Jonathan Lucroy has a chance to set the record for most triples in a single season by a Brewers catcher. The record was set at 6 by Charlie Moore in 1977. Lucroy currently has four triples this season and would need just two more to tie the franchise record and three to break it. A catcher hitting seven triples in a single season would be pretty impressive and certainly not very common. With some of the strange dimensions in the ballparks across the major leagues and the fact that the Brewers have 68 games remaining on the schedule, I think Lucroy has a decent shot at hitting at least three more triples this season. Also, the Brewers get to play the Mets, Marlins, and Cubs a bunch of times, so that will surely help. (Note: Lucroy hit 4 triples in 2012 and 1 in 2011, so he has a grand total of nine career triples. Pretty impressive).


200 Strikeouts for Gallardo for the 5 th Straight Year

In the last four seasons, Gallardo has struck out 204, 200, 207 and 204 batters, respectively. He is currently sitting at 91 strikeouts for the season in 20 games started. Assuming that he would get at least 18 more starts this season, he would need to average about 6 strikeouts per start, which is certainly doable for Gallardo. This is a very impressive record, especially considering that Yo has struggled for a good majority of the 2013 season. Assuming he stays healthy, I would be willing to bet that he once again records his 200 th strikeout of the season in September.


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