The Brewers 2013 season has been a lost cause for awhile now, but there have been plenty of bright spots among individual players this season. Carlos Gomez has sparkled in the outfield for the entire season, and Logan Schafer has been impressive in the outfield while filling in for Braun. Segura, while he has made plenty of mistakes, has made some amazing plays himself. At one point or another, almost every player on the roster has made an impressive play on defense. Here are my top 16 plays from the season. All videos are on


16. Gomez takes a hit away from Bryce Harper.


15. Braun steals a base hit from Pete Kozma with a nice sliding catch.


14. Aoki makes a nice sliding grab.


13. Gomez takes away a potential homerun from Mayberry.


12. Weeks with a nice diving stop & throw over to first.


11. Weeks jumps into the air to pull down a ball & turns 2 on the Marlins.


10. Braun robs Adrian Gonzalez of a homerun.


9. Logan Schafer takes away the potential tying homerun from Gaby Sanchez.


8. Carlos Gomez pulls back a homerun against the Cubs.


7. Jean Segura snags a ball out of the air and finishes off an unassisted double play.


6. From left field, Logan Schafer guns down Montero at the plate.


5. Segura barehands a ball and fires it to first.


4. Schafer makes a nice catch & then guns down the runner at the plate.


3. Gomez pulls back the go-ahead homerun & saves the game for K-Rod.


2. One Car-Go robs another Car-Go of a homerun….while on the run.


1. Gomez makes an amazing catch while running up that stupid hill in Houston. This is easily one of the best defensive plays I’ve ever seen from a Brewers player.

  • Jay

    Gomez has been a bright spot, and one of the only reasons I check the box score and look for highlights each day.