This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Happy 4th of July.


Did not see this happening, Peralta good, then injured as Brewers beat Nats 4-0 .

Things will start to get interesting now, Trade Season Rumor: Two Brewers Drawing Known Interest .

Kristin gives her Brewers First Half Report Card: Offense .

Here’s what Brian is thinking in Point of Veau: Packers Need a Jackhammer Fullback .

Not sure how he’ll fit in Milwaukee, but be fun to watch, NBA free agency: Bucks a ‘main suitor’ for Knicks SG J.R. Smith .

I’d be excited about this if we were talking about the NFL Draft,  JJ Redick is gone and Eric Bledsoe is coming … to the Suns. But hey, second round picks!

Paint Touches is playing a game of Where are they now: Jerel McNeal .

Didn’t expect to see Wisconsin too high here, 2013 Big Ten Position Rankings: Wide Receiver .

Past the halfway point, looking at The Biggest Sports Stories of 2013 So Far .

That’s some dedication, This Teacher Wore The Same Outfit For 40 Years .

This was the dumbest thing ever, CNN debate to determine which racial slur is worse is almost worse than any racial slur .

If you’re looking for a Gotham moniker, What’s Your Batman Name?

There really isn’t anything you can’t build out of Legos, Woman Fashions Own Prosthetic Leg Out of LEGO .

Gotta keep in shape, Butler’s Bulldog Has a Training Montage, and It’s Fantastic .

‘Merica – Rather than grouse on about the Brewers season (even though there was a win last night) or how we wish it was already time for Packers Training Camp to start, going to take a break from my own inane brand of sports commentary for the day to just wish you all an early Happy 4 th of July.  There’s a lot you can complain about this country we live in, some of it warranted & some of it just based on your own leanings, but personally I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather live.  It’s not perfect, but it’s still ours & better than everywhere else.

The Daybreak Doppler will be taking tomorrow & Friday off as the we make the annual pilgrimage up North to the lake & some quality time with family. It’ll be a little different this year due to circumstances beyond our control, but it just makes me appreciate it all that much more.  So again, an early Happy 4 th of July to you all, I hope you get to spent it with family & friends and we’ll see you back here next Monday morning.

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