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Jelena Kostic

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The world needs more interactive beer bottles, World’s First ‘Interactive’ Beer Bottle (Is A Heineken) .

It’s an acceptable currency for me, Paula Deen Paid One Of Her Black Employees In Beer .

Them spiders is scary, Meteorologist freaks out when massive spider appears to jump onto her head mid-forecast .

Value There – Earlier this season the thought of the Brewers trading Yovani Gallardo wouldn’t even have crossed my mind.  Now though, I think it very well could become a possibility.  Gallardo is a solid pitcher, definitely not a #1, but a very solid high-end #3 or #2 in the rotation.  Beyond Aoki, Gallardo may be one of the few tradable players the Brewers have which could provide a solid haul of prospects.  Now, do I think the Brewers would trade Gallardo?  It’s hard to say as he’s been a fixture for so long on the team & while not a true ace has been the rock of the rotation for a while.  That being said, the Brewers are going nowhere this season & it’s time to re-stock the Farm System.  Part of me wouldn’t like to see Gallardo leave as he’s been around so long, but if by moving him Melvin can get some quality talent which will help the team moving forward I would say it’s the right call to make.

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