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Catalina Otalvaro

Little doubt about this one early on, Brewers 4, Braves 7: Figard’oh .

Packerpedia on Favre, Rodgers, Records, and Reality .

Not so sure about this, One writer thinks the Packers fan base is among top five worst in the NFL.

Brian at CHTV looks at the Packers Special Teams, Slocum Overcome Crosby’s Kicking Woes .

I like what he’s doing here, Gary Andersen bringing change to Wisconsin football by maintaining Utah recruiting pipeline .

Here’s the Anti-NBA Mock Draft 2013: Evolution of Draft Express’ Top-100 Big Board .

From the Big Time, their 2013 Big Ten Position Rankings: Linebacker .

Such a mess here, Some Brief and Obvious Points about the Aaron Hernandez Situation .

Here are 8 Random Facts That Will Change Your Perspective On Everything You Wear .

Yeah, this pooch ain’t so bad, The World’s Ugliest Dog 2013 Is Crowned And I Demand A Recount .

She just knows so much, Martha Stewart says she can roll a perfect joint, crochet a wonderful bong cozy .

I’ll be getting on this sooner than later, Why Older Guys Buy Cars During a Mid-Life Crisis .

I’d buy this if I could use it, A Mobile for Babies in Westeros .

Series Win, I’ll Take It – Friday & Saturday we got to see something we haven’t seen much, Brewers’ wins.  Yesterday however it was pretty over early after Brian McCann’s grand slam in the first inning. The loss kept the sweep from happening, but of more importance was the injury to Carlos Gomez making a great play.  It would seem it’s only a sprained shoulder so that’s good but I imagine we won’t see Gomez back in action for a while.  Really though, with the season as it is that’s fine & really just happy it wasn’t a more series injury that what it was.

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