The Cubs’ bullpen has been a complete disaster this year. Marmol has been taken out of the closers’ role on two separate occasions this year because he truly has been that bad. Kevin Gregg has since taken over that role and flourished. However, you have to believe that the Cubs will trade Gregg to a contender before the trade deadline. Earlier in the year, they also tried using Fujikawa as closer after Marmol was removed, but he struggled as well. Basically, the Cubs bullpen is a disaster and I don’t see it improving much. Even if the Brewers end up trading bullpen pitchers such as K-Rod, Gonzalez and Axford, I still see them having an advantage over the Cubs in this area.



The Cubs’ offense has been beyond pathetic this year. While the Brewers have struggled at times, at least they have quite a few “good” hitters on their team. The Cubs offense kind of resembles the Island of Misfits Toys from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Their everyday lineup features Luis Valbuena, Starlin Castro, Nate Schierholtz,  Alfonso Soriano, Anthony Rizzo, Ryan Sweeny, Wellington Castillo and Darwin Barney. Their supposed “All Star Caliber” shortstop, Starlin Castro, is batting .232 this season and has a .266 OBP. Ouch. And he hasn’t exactly thrilled anyone with his defense this year, either. Nate Schierholtz is probably their best hitter, and you can bet he’ll be gone by the trade deadline. Alfonso Soriano has also said that he is ready to be traded, but he is making $19MM this year and is currently batting .245 with only 7 homeruns. If the Cubs want to move him, they will probably have to eat a lot of his salary. My favorite part about the Cubs this year is that for the entire month of May, their pitchers were more productive hitters than their hitters. Typical Cubs. The Brewers, on the other hand, will continue to have good offense with players like Segura, Braun, Lucroy and Gomez. Those four alone will probably be responsible for more runs than the entire Cubs’ offense.


They are the Cubs

Blame it on Bartman, blame it on the goat, or blame it on that black cat. The Cubs are awful this year and they somehow come up with a new kind of terrible every season. Nothing will save them from last place this year. (Although the Brewers may try).

  • Saul

    They probably will finish in last this year behind the Brewers, but they will win a World Series before the Brewers as well. Ironic, huh?