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Winds of Change – Wisconsin football, we all know what it is.  It’s a mammoth offensive line opening up holes for impressive running backs with game managing though not stellar quarterbacks under center.  Yes, you could say the one year of Russell Wilson was a semi-departure from that modus operandi but for the most part what I said stands true.  It’s the House That Barry build & that’s Alvarez’s style of play.  Something happened this week though that makes me believe a change may be on the horizon under new head coach Gary Anderson.  That something is the commitment of Austin Kafentzis to play at UW starting in 2015. Kafentzis is by all accounts, even though just a sophomore, considered to be an elite, pro-style QB recruit.  When’s the last time you heard of Wisconsin landing an elite offensive player that wasn’t an offensive lineman or running back? We’ll have a few years before we see how this move plays out but to me it signals perhaps the beginning of a change to how we will all perceive Wisconsin football in the years to come.

Featured Image Credit: John Hart – State Journal

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