This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NBA & NHL Finals Dancer & Ice Crews.


Boston Bruins Ice Girls

Disciples of Uecker with News and Notes: Devin Williams, Gallardo and Gomez .

The Brewer Nation presents An Arbitrary Endpoint and A Perfectly Irrational Explanation .

Brew Crew Ball with The Week in Confirmation Bias .

And this was made official yesterday, Packers Release Rehabbing Bishop .

I don’t think it’ll stay this way for long, Reports: Alex Green is #1 – on paper .

All Green Bay Packers has An Early Look At The Depth Chart .

Not surprising really, Monta Ellis will opt out of contract .

Paint Touches looks at how  Marquette is putting emphasis on recruiting big.

Er…. Waukesha man argues constitutional right of goat love, charges filed .

This couldn’t have been pleasant, Raw Sewage Spills Into A’s And Mariners’ Locker Rooms, Fortunately No Pictures Released .

How nice of them, Guys Give Roommate Unwanted Room Remodel .

This is pretty good, ‘Hi, I’m Troy McClure’ supercut is brilliant .

Mystery solved, Why Does Everything Taste Bad After You Brush Your Teeth?

It’s pretty cool no mater what it is, Watch a 6-Year Old Catch a 100-Pound Fish .

Options Are Pretty Limited – To say the Brewers’ offensive production at first base has been lacking would be a understatement.  Betancourt had an early season tear going, but has reverted back to normal & newly added Juan Francisco doesn’t seem to be adding much pop right now.  We’ve all been waiting for Corey Hart to return, but that looks like it won’t be happening now till after the All Star Break. Once Hart returns it’ll still take him time to get back to speed & who knows after having so much time whether or not he’ll provide a boost or not. Unfortunately though, there really aren’t many options to look to.  Hunter Morris may be intriguing just to see him get called up, but he’s not necessarily raking at Nashville right now so it would be more of a novelty move than anything.  Perhaps come the trading deadline, where we all expect the Brewers to be sellers, we’ll see someone obtained that way. For now though we’ll just have to sit tight & wait, accepting what is usually a power position for a team will be nothing like that this year.

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