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Jade Bryce

Not the way we wanted to start the series, Brewers lose again to Phillies, 5-1 .

MLB Draft started last night and the Brewers had two picks in the end round, Day 1 Draft Choices: Brewers Tap Williams, Neuhaus.

The Brewers Bar wonders Should Yovani Gallardo Consider Ditching his Two-Seamer?

Lombardi Ave on how some Sophomore Players will Give the Green Bay Packers Defense a Boost .

At CHTV, Zach wonders wonders if the Franchise Tag is a Difficult Choice but Useful Tool for Packers in 2014?

Behind the Buck Pass is Divvying Up The $13 Million NBA Playoff Pool .

Buckaround matches up Bielema vs. Alvarez .

Paint Touches asks What’s in a name? For Marquette, J’s and D’s .

Happens to the best of us, Troy Aikman sends embarrassing failed DM to Mari Morrow .

Not sure that the extra day would’ve helped anyway, Jets Skip Last Day Of OTAs To Play Paintball Because They Can Totally Afford To Do That .

Diving into The Economics of the Loch Ness Monster .

Here are 7 Sci-Fi Films “Oblivion” Shamelessly Ripped Off .

Can’t really say I blame them, New York Post Sued By Two Men Falsely ID’d As Boston Bombing Suspects .

Poor little pooch, Ze Frank’s Depressed Dog Diary .

Lighten Up Francis – Yesterday there seemed to be quite the commotion over comments former Packer, current Viking Greg Jennings made in reference to Aaron Rodgers, calling him ‘that guy they have now’.  Whether Jennings meant that as an intention slight or was just messing around, we’ll never know.  What gets me is the number of people & sites, some I respect greatly, that got so bent out of shape about the comment. Personally, I read it, shrugged and moved on. Perhaps I’m less passionate about the Packers than others, or perhaps I realize what an ex-Packer says about his former team really doesn’t matter when it comes to the play on the field, which I care about a whole lot more.  To each their own though & when it comes to Jennings, the one thing we can all agree on is he looks ridiculous in purple.

The Brewers continue their series with the Phillies this weekend & let’s hope last night’s game isn’t a harbinger of what the remainder of the series will be.  The MLB draft also continues tonight & into Saturday although with much less pomp & circumstance than the NFL variety.  It’s still interesting to see who the Brewers pick no matter how much you may not hang on each pick.  Here’s wishing you all a great weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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