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Jaime Edmondson

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Another edition of Want vs Need .

The Impact Will Be Felt No Matter – We’ll have a way to go before we find out if MLB will be able to suspend Ryan Braun, but whether they do or not I think it’s time for the Brewers brass to start thinking about the future & not the present. Doug Melvin & Mark Attanasio have an easy out now with this Biogenesis situation rearing its head & while they won’t say they’re going to fold this season & start selling publicly, the threat of the loss of Braun for 100 games is enough for them to realistically be able to have that mindset.  Let’s face it really, with or without Braun does anyone really see this team, particularly with their starting rotation, being able to compete with the Reds or Cardinals?  Even with my darkest Brewer’s homer glasses on I can’t even talk myself into that.

There are some tradable pieces here which could get some return for the Brewers & I hope Melvin has his phone handy to start dealing them.  While I’m not sure what Corey Hart could bring in seeing as he hasn’t played an inning of ball yet this season, Aramis Ramirez has value & with Juan Francisco in the fold there is a ready-made replacement. As much as I know this will be an unpopular choice, another player with trade value is Norichika Aoki. Aoki’s a solid leadoff hitter plus has a reasonable $1.5 million club option for 2014.  I would hate to see Aoki leave, he’s been an enjoyable player to watch, but if the Brewers could net quality starting pitching for him which could contribute to the teams future success for years to come, I see it as a worthwhile move.  We’ll have to see how both the Braun drama plays out, but as I started out with, there’s a ready made excuse to now to start dealing so Doug & Mark may as well go ahead and use it.

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  • Chris

    Thanks for saying what needed to be said about the Brewers. I have been thinking the same thoughts for a few weeks now, not just because of this spate of losing, but because of the context of the losing. Really, after they lost Greinke last year, the die was cast. Sure, they finished strong, but that only masked the problem: The Brewers have an aging core that is increasingly hard to pay and a minor league system that is thin on impact talent. The strong finish last year only made everyone wonder if, maybe, this group could make another run. The answer was probably already “no!” but it is hard to see that given the way they closed 2012.

    Beyond those Wally put on the block, I would suggest that Gallardo and — gasp! — even Braun should not be considered untouchable. Unfortunately, both of those guys, like Hart, would be “sell low” guys right now (one due to lackluster performance, the other because of a cloud hanging over his head). So it might be that they can’t move all the pieces they might want to right now because they wouldn’t get value in return. It just further underscores the world of hurt the Brewers are in, and suggests that there will be no easy fix or rapid return to relevance.