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For once it wasn’t the Brewers bullpen that gave up a lead, Brewers walk off with 4-3, 10 inning win over A’s .

The win was overshadowed by the news of a potential Bruan suspension though, here’s The Ryan Braun Saga in 9 seconds .

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Still can’t believe anyone thought this would be a good idea, On This Date in 1974, Cleveland’s “Ten Cent Beer Night” Went Horribly Wrong .

Who’d have known, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is a Judge Judy superfan, attends taping of her show .

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On the heels of Sunday’s GoT episode, 10 Most Jaw-Dropping TV Moments Of All Time .

This is actually pretty entertaining, Facebook is Now a Musical and It’s Just as Addicting as You’d Expect .

See How It Plays Out, Again – The big news last night was of course it getting out that MLB plans on suspending 20 players, including Ryan Braun, for being connected to the Biogenesis clinic & suspicion of taking PEDs.  This all cropped up earlier this year with Braun’s name being linked, however Braun & his representation have been adamant that Braun’s name only is connected because the clinic was consulted during Braun’s previous PED investigation which was overturned.  Braun obviously stood by his earlier statements that he’s clean during last night’s post-game interviews.  So what now?  Well, for right now I think it’s business as usual as MLB still needs to show proof of quilt beyond a name a piece of paper so we’ll all be stuck waiting it out. If there’s proof Braun did take PEDs, real proof, then he deserves the suspension.  If there’s not & this turns out to be a witch hunt by MLB directed at Braun for having his previous suspension overturned, then the entire governing body of America’s past time needs to be replaced.

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